8.4.1 Integrated management of the coastal environment

Policy 8-1: Integrated management of the coastal environment

Integrated management of the coastal environment must be sought, including through:
  1. provisions in this chapter and the provisions of the Regional Coastal Plan (Chapter 18 and Schedule I as well as Chapters 11, 12 and 19 and the relevant definitions in the Glossary),
  2. provisions in other chapters of this Plan address water^ quality, erodible land^ (including the coastal foredune*), natural hazards^, indigenous biological diversity^, landscapes and natural character, air discharges^, and infrastructure^, energy and waste* (including hazardous substances*),
  3. provisions in district plans^ that identify the landward extent of the coastal environment, sustainably manage land^ use activities and, where appropriate, avoid subdivisions or development in any existing or potential hazard risk area, protect coastal dunes and avoid sprawling subdivision along the coastal edge, and
  4. joint initiatives where resource management issues arise and are not addressed within the existing management frameworks of the respective regional plans^ and district plans^.