2018 By-election - Palmerston North Constituency

We are holding a Palmerston North Constituency By-election due to the passing of Cr Pat Kelly. Read this page for more information about how to nominate a candidate or yourself, and key dates.


Click on name to see details of Candidates. Click here for a contact list of all the candidates. 
Please note these profile statements are written by the candidates and are unchanged.

Voting Results

Voting closed at 12pm Friday 21 September 2018.
The final outcome of the election will not be know until the final results are received.  
Candidate Progress Preliminary Final
Jono Naylor 5,137 5,182  
Chris Teo-Sherrell 4,851 4,924  
Jack Dowds 4,276 4,337  
Grant Seton 815 819  
Ross Barber 253 255  

Horizons Regional Council consists of six constituencies - click here, with 12 members elected as follows:


elected representatives





Palmerston North









Candidate Information Downloads

Horizons' Candidate Information Sheet (2018)
Horizons' Candidate Information Booklet (2016)
LGNZ's Candidate Information Booklet (2016)
Information for Candidates from the Controller and Auditor-General
2018 By-election Frequently Asked Questions

Why run as a Candidate for Horizons Regional Council

  • If you love this Region and have ideas for its future, then you should consider running for Council.
  • Elected members come from all backgrounds and walks of life; they may be parents, students, business people, or self employed. There are no special qualifications to stand for election. 
  • Successful elected members are likely to be:
    • Effective decisionmakers
    • Excellent communicators, able to relate to wide range of people from many different cultures and disciplines
    • Good at building relationships and networking
    • Sometimes requested to speak publicly at meetings and events, and to media (training will be provided)
    • Flexible and able to prioritise and manage time effectively

Standing as a Candidate for Horizons Regional Council

  • To be eligible, you need to be a New Zealand citizen.
  • You also need to be enrolled as a parliamentary elector.
  • You will then need to complete a nomination form and get two people to nominate you. These people must be over 18 and enrolled to vote in the Palmerston North constituency. 
  • These nominations forms are available to download/print, please click here.
  • There is a deposit payable of $200. This may be refunded, depending on how many votes you receive. 
  • Further information is available in the Horizons' Candidate Information Book click here or through the LGNZ (Local Government New Zealand) Candidate Guide click here.
  • Information can also be found in the FAQs please click here.

Why should I vote

This is your chance to say who you want to represent you when decisions are made for our region over the next year for Palmerston North constituency. The people who are elected to Council will make many decisions on your behalf. They will set Horizons’ rates and decide how the community’s money should be spent to achieve a sustainable region.

Want to know more?

For further information regarding these elections, please contact the Electoral Officer (Craig Grant) on freephone 0508 800 800, or email elections@horizons.govt.nz.