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Horizons' Freshwater, Land, River Management and Biodiversity teams all have a variety grants that the public are able to apply for when looking to improve our Region's environment. From fencing and planting, to rejuvenating wetlands or helping to control erosive hill country we're here to help.  

If you are wanting to fence off a waterway to exclude stock Horizons may be able to help fund this project.  Horizons freshwater team may also be able to assist with native planting within retired riparian margins. Depending on which catchment your property is within, we are able to fund up to 50 per cent. We can also help with some logistics such as sourcing of plants and contractors.

There are three different environmental land initiatives, which focus on erosion control and preventing sediment and associated nutrients entering our regions waterways. 

There are two biodiversity grant programmes. Kanorau Koiora Taketake is a contestable fund open annually for projects that help communities to reconnect with and restore indigenous biodiversity, The Priority Habitats programme provides funding to help maintain or restore the full range of the region’s ecosystem, and is focussed on particular highly threatened ecosystems.

If you are wanting to fence off a wetland or forest remnant or carry out pest control to protect native habitats then Horizons may be able to help with funding through one of these programmes. You can find out more and apply for this fund here.
To find out more about these funding opportunities and determine whether your project could be eligible please download the eligibility criteria or to apply for one of these grants apply below or click here.

An Environmental Grant is available to help protect land through river control/management works. Projects supported by the Environmental Grant should benefit both the local environment and the wider community.  

Eligible projects may improve and address:

  • Flooding
  • Erosion
  • Drainage
  • Protect land through river control works 
Grants are available to individuals, community groups, schools, iwi and land care groups to undertake works outside of River Schemes, or work types that are not within the mandate of the scheme.

Please note that routine maintenance of existing river protection works is the responsibility of the applicant and is not eligible to be covered by this grant. Eligible projects are entitled to a grant of up to 30% of the total cost of the project. The remaining 70% of the cost is borne by the applicant.

Check the river works eligibility criteria for further information on what's involved in the process. You are welcome to begin the application online. Otherwise, call us on 0508 800 800 and ask to be connected with your local Area Engineer or Engineering Officer to check if your project is likely to qualify.