Healthy Ecosystems

Our work towards this community outcome primarily protects and enhances our region's and communities' environmental well-being. There are two main components to this:


  • freshwater quality and ecosystem health
  • biodiversity on land

Both of these continue to be challenging issues for our region.

What we're doing in 2022-23

This year we'll continue to work towards implementing the government's Essential Freshwater package through the Oranga Wai – Our Freshwater Future programme. This work includes giving effect to new regulations and policies to prevent further damage to waterways, lakes and streams and improve their water quality. 

Council has also confirmed its commitment to water quality interventions at Lake Horowhenua, with additional funding for weed harvesting and the design and consenting process for a wetland complex to reduce contaminants flowing into the Lake as part of our Jobs for Nature programme. 

Our two other Jobs for Nature projects enter their third year, with a further 105km of stream fencing and 100,000 riparian plants to be in place by the end of the financial year. We'll also assess another 500 in-stream structures to identify barriers to fish passage and undertake remediation works at a minimum of seven locations to open up stream habitat. These projects offer both freshwater and biodiversity benefits. 

In addition, we'll continue our Priority Sites programme to identify and assess biodiversity sites and contribute to managing a select few based on their vulnerability and rarity in the region. We'll also support community biodiversity projects through our Kanorau Koiora Taketake – Indigenous Biodiversity Grants.