Iwi and Hapū Management Plans

The proverb “Ki te kāhore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi” can be interpreted to mean that without a guiding vison the people will be lost.
This webpage contains links to iwi and hapū planning documents, taiao strategies and other documents that describe the values and aspirations of those with mana whenua over a rohe.
Understanding iwi aspirations is beneficial for all. Reading these is the first step to understanding Māori world view, Māori values, and the importance of the relationship between Māori and the environment. Planning documents recognised by an iwi authority provide a mechanism in which tāngata whenua interests can be considered in council processes. There are specific legislative requirements which place a duty on Horizons to take these plans into account.

Current Iwi and Hapū Management Plans

The following management plans are from iwi and hapū within the Horizons Region:

Lodgement of an iwi or hapū planning document