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Horizons' governing body is made up of 14 publically elected councillors representing the following constituencies: Raki Māori, Tonga Māori, Ruapehu, Whanganui, Manawatū-Rangitīkei, Palmerston North, Tararua, and Horowhenua. The last local body elections were held October 2022, and our councillors will serve a three year term.

Our Council's role is to set the direction for the organisation through regular council and committee meetings. Meetings are predominantly held on Tuesdays or Wednesdays throughout the month at Palmerston North Regional House in Victoria Avenue, and Regional Council meetings are live streamed to our Facebook page. In addition to setting and monitoring policy through our plans and strategies,

Council also keep abreast of local, regional, national and international matters, so that emerging issues of relevance for the region can be investigated and planned for. Council's policies are available to view here.


Elected Representatives





Palmerston North


Raki Māori





Tonga Māori 1




Committee Membership



Deputy Chair


Council All Councillors (14)
Strategy & Policy (Committee of the Whole) Chair of Council Deputy Chair of Council N/A
Integrated Catchment
(Committee of the Whole)
Alan Taylor
Te Kenehi Teira
Audit, Risk & Investment Allan Benbow Fiona Gordon Te Kenehi Teira,
Rachel Keedwell,
Jono Naylor,
Bruce Gordon,
Nikki Riley,
Jim Edmonds
Regional Transport Chair of Council Substitute – Deputy Chair of Council Chair of PTC
Passenger Transport Committee Sam Ferguson Emma Clarke Jono Naylor,
Alan Taylor,
Rachel Keedwell
Climate Action Joint Committee Co-chairs:
Rachel Keedwell
Huhana Smith
Manawatu River Users’ Advisory Group Te Kenehi Teira N/A  
Linklater Bursary Subcommittee N/A N/A Wiremu Te Awe Awe,
Te Kenehi Teira,
Allan Benbow


Register of Members' Interests

To provide transparency and to strengthen pubic trust in local government processes and decision-making, information on certain pecuniary interest is disclosed annually by elected members. View the Register of Member Interests here.


Councillors' Allowance and Reimbursement Policy

The Councillors' Allowance and Reimbursement Policy as at 01 July 2023 sets out the allowances available to elected members and the rules for claiming expenses during their term of office. View the Councillors' Allowance and Reimbursement Policy here.


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