Anzac Parade Resilience-Building Project

This project is a small part of a larger process led by Horizons Regional Council to help communities living in the region become more resilient to natural hazards.

The project aims to create a co-designed strategy to reduce flood risk and increase community resilience in Anzac Parade. The feasibility of a range of community-wide and property-specific interventions will be assessed. Recommendations will be made based on the implications of alternative interventions for flood risk reduction, resilience building, and resident and community well-being.
As a first step, Horizons has appointed Massey University to facilitate a community engagement process for Anzac Parade residents and other key stakeholders to inform the Council's viability assessment of resilience-building actions in the area.
Among others, we will be working with residents, interested and affected parties in Whanganui, and tangata whenua (Te Runanga o Tupoho, Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui, and Te Mata Puo) and Whanganui District Council as well as key government agencies and other parties concerned about flood risk along Anzac Parade.

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Orientation and information gathering sessions

Thank you to those who attended our first consultation sessions (from 31 July - 2 August) on a flood resilience strategy for Anzac Parade.

Due to a change in Covid-19 Alert Levels we were unable to go ahead with the second round of community consultation planned for 21 and 23 August at the Hakeke Community Centre and Library. However, during October Massey University was able to get back out doorknocking to have one-on-one conversations with residents and property owners.

Since then the project team has mapped flood risk scenarios and Massey would like to share with the community the results of this work, discuss possible response options, and outline next steps in preparing the strategy. They will hold community meetings in the Hakeke Community Centre and Library (65 Hakeke Street) on the following days and times:

  • Thursday 9th of December: 6.30-8.30 PM
  • Friday 10th of December: 1-3 PM
  • Saturday 11th of December: 1-3 PM

Note: the meetings are expected to last 60-90 minutes but have been scheduled slightly longer in case this is needed. Each meeting will cover the same information, so people can choose which date and time suits them best without missing anything.

Enrolment for the sessions is not required, simply come to the venue on the day and time of the session that suits. For those that anticipate any difficulty getting to the venue and would like to be picked up please call the Hakeke Community Centre and Library (ph. 022 096 5673) a few days before the meeting during their office hours (9.30 AM to 12.30 PM) to arrange a pick up and drop off service. Finally, given that we are still at Alert Level 2, we ask that attendees please wear a mask in the venue and scan the QR code or register details in writing as arriving.

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