Bus Alerts


All services will operate under Covid-19 Alert level 2 restrictions.

Key information -

  • Please scan the QR Code using the NZ Covid Tracer App on every bus you take. 
  • Face coverings are mandatory on all of our services, as per Ministry of Health guidance. For more information, please see the MoH Website
  • If you can, please use a registered Bee Card to pay for your fare, and top up your card online
  • If you pay with cash, we recommend paying with an exact fare where possible to limit contact with our drivers
  • Practice good hygiene and stay home if you are unwell.

Level 2 Operating Restrictions
  • All services operate to the normal timetable
Please be kind, and be patient. We appreciate your understanding. 

Kia Kaha.

Massey Staff & Students

From 19 April - All Massey University staff & students will be required to have a registered Bee Card in order access their Massey concessions and get free travel on the buses.  If you do not have a Bee Card yet, please see the below instructions.

Step 1: Get a Bee Card from Campus Operations
Step 2: Register an account on beecard.co.nz and register your Bee Card to your account
Step 3: Register for your Massey concession through the student portal
Step 4: Wait 1-2 business days, then check your concession has been loaded by signing into your account on beecard.co.nz BEFORE you take the bus. If you ride the bus before your concession has been loaded, it will charge you the adult fare for your trip, which is non-refundable.
Step 5: When your see Massey Student/Staff HRC under concession in your Bee Card account, then you're all set to ride the buses. If you have gone through these steps in order but you don't see your concession, get in contact with us on freephone 0508 800 800.


Massey Timetable

Please be advised that the Massey bus timetable will operate to non-semester from 15 November.

103 104 105 106

From Thursday 7 October major road works at the Tremaine/Cloverlea roundabout will cause delays to four bus services.

Passengers on the 103,104,105 and 106 bus services can anticipate delays during this time.
Gillespie’s Line and Botanical Road exits from the roundabout will be closed over this period.
The 103 and 104 bus service will detour via Highbury Ave and Coventry St causing some minor delays.
The 105 and 106 will travel across the railroad using Rangitīkei St which may cause major delays.

These road works will be ongoing for a minimum of 10 weeks.
The following bus stops will be closed:

  • For the 103 & 104 the following stops will be closed:
    • 226 Tremaine Ave (alt stops at  2A  & 3 Highbury Ave)
    • 227 Tremaine Ave (alt stops at  2A  & 3 Highbury Ave)
    • 10 Botanical Rd (alt stops at 55 & 40 Coventry St)
    • 11 Botanical Rd (alt stops at 55 & 40 Coventry St)
    • 58 Botanical Rd (alt stops at 55 & 40 Coventry St)
    • 67 Botanical Rd (alt stops at 55 & 40 Coventry St)
103 & 104 Detour Map: Click here
  • For the 105 & 106:
    • 343 Tremaine Ave (use Wood St stops)
    • 278 Tremaine Ave (use Wood St stops)
    • 375 Tremaine Ave (use Wood St stops)
    • 330 Tremaine Ave (use Wood St stops)
    • 435 Tremaine Ave (use Wood St stops)
    • 374 Tremaine Ave (use Wood St stops)
    • 2 Gillespies Line (alt 121/123 Gillespies Line)
105 & 106 Detour Map: Click here
   Please plan your trip accordingly, and we apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.


28 October 2021 - Please be advised that from 1 Novemeber, the 202 will detour via Mosston Rd and Hinau St due to roadworks on Raupo St between Hinau St and Heads Rd. This detour will operate until March 2022.

The following stops will be temporarily closed for the duration of the roadworks;

  • 481 Heads Rd (use 485 Heads Rd) 
  • 476 Heads Rd (use 492 Heads Rd)
  • 448 Heads Rd (use 37 Raupo St)
  • 441 Heads Rd (use 40 Raupo St)
  • 13 Raupo St (use 37 Raupo St)
  • Cnr Raupo/Hinaru (use 40 Raupo St)
We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.