General Bus Information

Please note that due to the COVID-19 lockdown, public transport is currently focused on allowing essential workers to travel between their homes and workplaces, and to allow the public access to food and medical care.

We want to keep our community safe. It’s really important that each time you use the bus, your trip details and contact information are recorded. This is so we can provide this information to the Ministry of Health if it is required.

Every time you use the bus, you must either call us on 0508 800 800, or fill in this form.

Please see our bus notices page for full timetable information.

GoCard Initial Purchases (SmartCard)

Initial GoCard (SmartCard) purchases can be made on board the buses with cash or at the bus operators' offices using cash or eftpos. Initial cards cost $12 with $5 pre-loaded travel and can be topped up in denominations of $10, again on the buses with cash or at the bus operators' offices.

Palmerston North services - Tranzit Coachlines: Matipo St, Palmerston North 

Whanganui services- Tranzit Coachlines: Ridgway St, Whanganui

Marton Commuter, Levin Commuter, Ashhurst and Feilding services - Uzabus: Bennett St, Palmerston North.   

The i-Site in Palmerston North also hold a stock of cards, values available are: $12 ($5 pre-loaded travel) and $22 ($15 pre-loaded travel).  Top ups not available through the i-Site.  Please call 06 350 1922 to check availability.

Fare information can be found on the relevant timetable downloads under the Bus Timetables Page. 

Please note that all bus fares are available on the downloadable timetables.

Monthly Passes

Monthly passes are available for purchase on the Whanganui Urban, and Palmerston North Urban bus services. These can be purchased from the bus driver or at the bus operator's depot. 

Monthly passes are not available on any other service. 

What about Massey students and staff?

Massey internal students and staff are entitled to free travel within Palmerston North on any urban or Massey service. GoCard technology is included in your Massey ID cards, so just pass them over the reader on the buses to ride for free.  Free travel does not apply to extramural students, and excludes the Ashhurst and Feilding services. Check out the GoHorizons bus application on your Apple or Android device.

What about UCOL students and staff?

UCOL students and staff are entitled to travel free on the Palmerston North Urban, Whanganui Urban, Whanganui-Palmerston North Commuter and Feilding services, just show your current ID as you board. (Ashhurst, Levin and Marton services excluded.)

Bus Advertising

Are you interested in advertising on our Palmerston North and Whanganui buses? e-mail Tessa Llewellyn at Tranzit Coachlines or call her on 06 370 6646 for more information.

For advertising on our Feilding and Ashhurst buses e-mail Graham at Uzabus or call 06 356 4896.

Palmerston North Airport and Hospital services

If you're needing to get to the Palmerston North Hospital, try the following services:
5.Cloverlea/6.Milson, 7.Rhodes/8.Roslyn or the Palmerston North - Feilding bus.

If you're needing to get to the Airport please have a look at the Palmerston North to Feilding timetable.

Monday to Friday Saturdays/Public Hols
7.23am 9.43am
7.53am 11.13am
8.38am 2.43pm
10.43am 4.43pm
Monday to Friday Saturdays/Public Hols
8.43am 10.22am
9.33am 12.22pm
10.08am 3.52pm
11.38am 5.22pm

Wheelchair friendly buses

All buses in Palmerston North, Whanganui and Feilding are wheelchair friendly. Please note:
  • The buses have limited spaces for wheelchairs, and cannot take any more if those spaces are already occupied by a wheelchair or pram; and
  • If your wheelchair takes up a space of more than 700mm wide and 1200mm long and/or has a combined weight (passenger and chair) of more than 240kgs it cannot be carried.

Public Holiday Services

No services run on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or ANZAC Day.  On all other public holidays, services run as follows:
  • Palmerston North: Sunday timetable.
  • Ashhurst: Saturday service
  • Whanganui: Saturday timetable.
  • Feilding: Saturday timetable.
  • Marton Commuter: No services operate.
  • Levin Commuter: No services operate.
  • Whanganui Commuter: No services operate.