Meet Our People

Our staff are involved in a wide variety of work. This is reflected in over 100 different roles such as scientists, accountants, river engineers, transport planners, policy analysts, plant and animal officers, and hydrologists.  The following short clips will give you an insight into what our staff do.

Our Groups

The essence of Horizons core function is broken into five groups.

River Management is lead by group manager Mr Ramon Strong. This group looks after our river schemes and catchments to provide flood protection.

Strategy and Regulation is lead by group manager Dr Nic Peet. This group looks after policy, consents and consent monitoring, and also includes our rural advice team.

Regional Services and Information is lead by group manager Mr Ged Shirley. This group looks after catchment information and data, emergency management, transport and district advice.

Managing Natural Resources and Partnerships is lead by Dr Jon Roygard. This groups looks after fresh and groundwater, science, biosecurity and biodiversity.

Corporate and Governance is lead by Mr Craig Grant. This groups looks after customer service, rates, assets and governance.

Back row from left: Ramon Strong, Craig Grant, Nic Peet.
Front row from left: Jon Roygard, Michael McCartney, Ged Shirley.