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Buses & Transport

Which bus goes to the hospital?

We have plenty of buses that service the hosptial in both Palmerston North & Whanganui. See below the options and find which one best suits you. 

Palmerston North Hospital:
105 Cloverlea via Wood St
106 Milson via Ruahine St
107 Kelvin Grove via Tremaine Ave
108 Roslyn via Featherston St
Palmerston North-Feilding bus.
Feilding - Palmerston North

Whanganui Hospital:
202 Castlecliff via Hospital
202 Trafalgar Square via Hospital


Buses & Transport

Which bus goes to the airport?

The Feilding to Palmerston North service.  The Palmerston North-Feilding and Feilding-Palmerston North bus services now travel via Palmerston North Airport terminal (Girls High and Boys High services will not be affected).

Buses & Transport

Where can I pick up a copy of the Palmerston North Urban bus timetable?

From your bus driver, the Tranzit depot on Matai Street, Palmerston North i-Site, Registry office at Massey Uni, or by popping into the Horizons Palmerston North office located at 11-15 Victoria Avenue, just opposite City Doctors.
Otherwise, give our Customer Services team a call on 0508 800 800 and they will be able to post one out to you.

Buses & Transport

Wheelchair accessible buses & bike racks

All of our buses are wheelchair-accessible. This means they are low floored, so no more steps to climb up - and they have enough room for push wheelchairs, (not electronic ones) to fit. They are easier to use for the elderly, and make it possible for those in wheelchairs to make use of the bus services.

Buses & Transport

What is an Outer Terminal?

The Outer Terminal (OT) is a normal bus stop.
However, it shows passengers that this is the half-way point of the bus route, and the OT departure time, which should help to make it easier in estimating the time a bus will arrive at a particular stop.
The OT also represents when the bus changes route number.

For example:
The below snapshot is of the Highbury/Takaro bus timetable.
The 6.40am Route to OT is listed as 3 which is the Highbury route so the bus heads towards Cuba Street first.
Once the bus reaches the OT, which on this route is at the Highbury shops, it continues to do the 4 route. Which is the Takaro area.
The 7.00am bus goes the opposite way and does the Takaro part first, followed by Highbury.

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What does HOME ONLY mean on the bus timetables?

The driver won't be picking up passengers on the route, only dropping off. The bus won't return to Main Street Terminal when finished its run.

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What are monthly passes?

Monthly Passes are a concession that get lodaded to your Bee Card which allow you one month's unlimited travel from first use, and lasts for 30 days. Monthly passes can only be used in Palmerston North and Whanganui.

An adult monthly pass costs $55
A child monthly pass costs $35

Buses & Transport

I'd like to give some feedback on the bus services. Who do I call?

You can provide feedback, along with your name and contact information. To do so, please contact Horizons' Customer Service team on freephone 0508 800 800.

Buses & Transport

I need to catch two buses to get across town; do I have to pay two full fares?

As long as you are catching the second service within an hour of catching the first one, the transfer is free. If you use a Bee Card this process is automatic. 

Buses & Transport

Help! I've left something on the bus! Who do I contact?

Give Tranzit a call on 06 355 4955; they look after property left on the bus. Please note no responsibility will be accepted by Tranzit or Horizons Regional council for Lost Property.

Buses & Transport

Does the bus run on a public holiday?

No services run on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day or ANZAC Day. 

On all other public holidays, services run as follows:
Palmerston North -  Sunday timetable.
Whanganui (excluding commuter) - Saturday timetable.
Feilding - Saturday timetable.
Marton Commuter - No services operate.
Levin Commuter - No services operate.

Buses & Transport

How do I advertise on a bus?

Feilding buses:  e-mail Graham at Uzabus or call 06 356 4896.

Palmerston North and Whanganui buses: e-mail Tessa at Tranzit Coachlines or call 0508 TRANZIT ext. 4 for more information.

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Bus fares for UCOL staff and students?

UCOL students and staff are entitled to travel free on Palmerston North and Whanganui urban services, just show your current ID as you board.

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Bus fares for Massey staff and students?

Massey internal students and staff are entitled to free travel within Palmerston North on any urban or Massey service. Free travel does not apply to extramural students. Massey Students and Staff are required to have a registered Bee Card and apply for the Massey concession throught the Massey Portal to be entitled to the free travel on the bus.


Buses & Transport

Are the buses wheelchair accessible?

All buses in Palmerston North, Whanganui and Feilding are wheelchair friendly.