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Bee Card

Why is my balance 'pending'?

If you have topped up your Bee Card, but not yet tagged on the bus your balance will show as 'pending'.
Your money is sitting there, and will show on your account as you've tagged on. 

Bee Card

Where can I top-up my cards?

You can top up online at beecard.co.nz or on the bus. You can also top up in person at Horizons' offices in Palmerston North and Whanganui. 

Bee Card

Where can I get a Bee Card?

Bee Cards are available from BeeCard.co.nz, Palmerston North Regional House and the Whanganui service centre, by contacting us on freephone 0508 800 800, or on the bus. 

Bee Card

What do I do with my old GoCard?

You can dispose of your old GoCard. GoCards are no longer being accepted on buses and we are no longer transferring balances from GoCards onto Bee Cards.

Bee Card

I’m having trouble setting up my Bee Card account or registering my card.

Please call us on freephone 0508 800 800 and we’ll talk you through it or email beecard@horizons.govt.nz

Bee Card

How do I get more information about the Bee Card?

If you have any further questions, please email the details through to beecard@horizons.govt.nz and the transport team will come back to you. 

Bee Card

Do I need a Bee Card if I am a SuperGold, UCOL, IPU and ETC user?

Not yet. For now you just need to show the driver your ID to access free travel. If you are a SuperGold customer and plan on travelling during the hours where you will need to pay, we recommend you use a Bee Card for this.

Bee Card

Can I still pay the bus fare using cash?

Cash fares are still available but we ask you pay with exact change where possible. The Bee Card fare is cheaper than the cash fare.

Bee Card

Do I need to register my Bee Card?

We highly recommend that you do as this means you can top up online, manage multiple cards or transfer your balance if your card gets lost or stolen.