Non-scheme Advice

If a landowner is not in a designated scheme area, Horizons can assist with river and drainage engineering advice or through environmental grants to complete relevant river engineering works. More comprehensive mitigation options may be addressed through new river management schemes if requested by the community through Horizons' Annual and Long-term planning processes.

To ensure people’s needs are met we consider many things when programming works including: type of use, level of flood protection needed, erosion control, disposal of waste products, native habitat protection, recreation and spiritual values.

Finally, river and drainage control involves some technical terms that many people are unfamiliar with so we have included a glossary to help people understand more about our work practices below.

For enquiries regarding district advice, please email:

River height warnings

Part of our flood protection duty involves monitoring river heights and rainfall levels so that we can adequately protect our communities. This is done through our Waterline automated warning system and our River Heights and Rainfall service.

Our Waterline warning system is a 24-hour, freephone service which provides river height and rainfall information. Through using our Waterline brochure below you can find out how to dial various sites to obtain updates on river height at any time - including during periods of heavy rainfall.

Flood protection glossary


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Flood warning systems