Te Pūwaha - the Whanganui Port revitalisation project

The first stage of Te Pūwaha – the Whanganui Port revitalisation project is underway. The purpose of the project is to secure the Whanganui port as a long-term community economic and recreational asset. Upon completion Whanganui will have a modern marine precinct.

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Work has begun adjacent to Morgan Street to create a rock stockpile site in preparation for work to strengthen and repair the deteriorating North Mole which will begin later this year. Repair of the North and South Moles is essential to enable an operational port, as they define the river mouth and ensure a navigable depth is maintained for vessels. This part of the project is being undertaken by Horizons Regional Council under the governance of Te Pūwaha and hapū grouping, Te Mata Pūau, in line with Te Awa Tupua status and with input from the community.
Te Pūwaha refers to the gateway, or river mouth. It is also the name of the Whanganui Port revitalisation project. This is the first true community led exercise for management of a project under the new legal status of the Whanganui River as Te Awa Tupua.
Te Pūwaha is a collaborative effort involving Whanganui Iwi, community members, and four other groups invested in the project: Whanganui District Council, Horizons Regional Council, Q-West Boat Builders and the Whanganui District Employment Training Trust.
The Horizons component of the project includes:

  • Strengthening of the North Mole and Revetment;
  • Strengthening of the South Mole;
  • Repair to the interface wall at the base of the South Mole;
  • Reinstatement of the Tanae Groyne (~50m in length); and
  • Upgrade of erosion control structures along the South Spit.

Visit the Whanganui District Council website to find out more about the revitalisation project.