Priority Habitats Programme

Our Priority Habitats Programme aims “to maintain or restore the full range of the region’s indigenous ecosystems to a healthy and functioning level”.

There are over 60 unique ecosystem types currently identified within the Horizons Region. Horizons prioritises working on the ecosystem types that are not well represented and managed on public conservation land. Through our priority habitats programme we identify the best examples of ecosystem types that are critically endangered and work alongside the landowners to protect these sites in a voluntary programme.

Through the priority habitats programme Horizons helps maintain and restore significant habitats with assistance for fencing, pest plant and pest animal control, monitoring and infill planting.

There are four main components to the programme:

  • Management of the sites currently in the priority habitat programme
  • Assessing new sites of the appropriate ecosystem type and quality to add to the programme
  • Starting biodiversity management at the new sites
  • Monitoring and reporting on the priority habitat sites.