The Science

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Mitigation means reducing the amount of greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere. A certain amount of change is locked in, due to past emissions – but we can limit future impacts by reducing emissions from now. The Paris Agreement seeks to limit temperature increase to 1.5-2.0°C above pre-industrial levels. Global temperatures have already risen by 0.8-1.0°C, so the window to respond is closing quickly.
Each individual, household, organisation, and industry will need to make changes if we are to meet these targets. To better understand the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in our region we commissioned work to quantify how much and what activities are generating greenhouse gases.

Regional climate change infographic


Adaptation means modifying the way we do things to reduce the impact of a changing climate on us and on the environment. Although it’s not entirely clear how climate change will affect our communities, we can be sure that things will change. We also have a good idea of the sorts of impacts to expect.
The climate affects where it’s safe to live, infrastructure (like roads and water pipes), jobs, food supply, health, cultural practices, recreational activities, and our environment. Some of these impacts will be minor; others will be challenging for us to manage – but they will also present opportunities if we are able to respond proactively and collaboratively.
To better understand the challenges we may face the Manawatū-Whanganui Climate Change Risk Assessment has been developed in collaboration with other councils in our region. The risk assessment provides one of the first steps toward building resilience to climate change across the region.


A focus on communities navigating change, maximising social and economic opportunities while carefully managing challenges and risks.

More information

Alongside our information, here is a variety of other useful and relevant climate change resources that are available.
NIWA’s mission is to conduct leading environmental science to enable the sustainable management of natural resources for New Zealand. Read their climate change information here.
This first national climate change risk assessment from MfE helps the Government identify where it needs to prioritise action. Read the report here.

Our Future Climate New Zealand is an interactive website designed by NIWA to give you the ability to look at a number of climate change projections for New Zealand.


Manawatū-Whanganui Climate Change Risk Assessment