Pollution Hotline

We operate a 24 hour Pollution Hotline. All Incidents are recorded in our system and categorised from Category 1 – immediate response to Category 5 – no response required. When necessary one of our consent monitoring officers will investigate the environmental incident and determine what course of action is necessary.

The range of incidents reported to the pollution hotline include traffic or industrial accidents where spills or discharges to the environment have or may occur, vegetation clearance, earth works and hazardous chemical disposal or spills, fires causing odour and smoke problems, the burning of prohibited materials, contaminants in water ways, odour complaints, dead stock in water ways and much more.

To report a pollution incident click here or call toll free 0508 800 800.

Smokey Fires

Smokey fires are one of the most common complaints that our team receive. With many members of our communities unaware of do's and don'ts of burning, below is a reminder of the One Plan rules (15-7) in relation to outdoor burning. 

The burning of the following materials is permitted:

  • Untreated wood or vegetative matter
  • Waste paper or cardboard
  • Food waste
  • Non-halogenated plastics
  • Animal carcasses or animal waste on production land

The material to be burned must be sourced only from the property on which the burning occurs, except for:
  • Untreated wood or vegetative matter
  • Materials (including vegetative matter) that are burned in barbeques, hāngi, umu and outdoor fireplaces

The discharge must not result in any:
  • Offensive or objectionable odour, dust, smoke or water vapour beyond the property boundary
  • Noxious or dangerous levels of gases or particulates beyond the property boundary
  • Cause a reduction in visibility on any designated commercial or military flight path