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Enquiries regarding the application can be made to Mark St Clair , Hill Young Cooper


Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council (Horizons Regional Council) has received a suite of consent applications from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency for activities associated with the construction of Te Ahu a Turanga: Manawatū Tararua Highway in various locations in and around the Ruahine Ranges north of the Manawatū gorge.

COVID-19 and Consenting Requirements

Horizons recognises that given the developing COVID-19 situation, the timing of notification presents a number of considerations regarding the consenting process that will need to be worked through.  Following discussions with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, we have carefully considered two key issues. These are that Te Ahu a Turanga is a hugely significant project for our region and indeed central New Zealand. Projects like Te Ahu a Turanga will be important as New Zealand recovers from the economic and social impacts of the pandemic. Equally we are conscious that the country will shortly be at Alert level 4 and many people will be working from home and/or looking after family. Horizons will continue to discuss these issues with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency as the situation develops, including whether any special measures may be needed over the coming weeks to ensure appropriate public participation in the process.

Application Details

Applications Sought

Authorisation Number
Type (Subtype)
Duration Requested


Land disturbance and vegetation clearance (and associated diversion of water and discharge of sediment) within the Hill Country Erosion Management Area, but outside of a rare, at-risk or threatened habitat and not within 10m of a watercourse.

Land Use (Land)

10 years


Land disturbance and vegetation clearance (and associated diversion of water and discharge of sediment) within 10m of a watercourse, but outside of a rare, at-risk or threatened habitat.

Land Use (River & Lake Beds)

10 years


Earthworks and vegetation clearance within a rare habitat or threatened habitat.

Land Use (River & Lake Beds)

10 years


Discharge of sediment during construction to a rare habitat or threatened habitat.

Discharge Permit (Land)

10 years


Taking of water (dewatering).

Water Permit (Groundwater)

10 years


For BR03, one stream diversion and five culverts in the bed of any lake or river, within a rare habitat or threatened habitat.

Land Use (River & Lake Beds)

35 years


Taking and diversion of water (diversion and drainage) within a rare habitat or threatened habitat.

Water Permit (Surface Water)

35 years


Discharge of stormwater (once operation from Wetland 03) to a rare habitat or threatened habitat.

Discharge Permit (Water)

35 years


Discharge of imported engineered fill.

Discharge Permit (Land)

35 years


Diversion of streams.

Water Permit (Surface Water)

35 years


Placement of a bridge and associated disturbance, diversion, deposition and discharges, over the Manawatū River which is identified as a Schedule B – Site of Significance – Cultural.

Land Use (River & Lake Beds)

35 years


Placement of a bridge and associated disturbance, diversion, deposition and discharges, over the Mangamanaia Stream which is identified as a Schedule B – Value of Flood Control and Drainage.

Land Use (River & Lake Beds)

35 years


Culverts and associated disturbance, diversion, deposition and discharges, within watercourses which comply with Rule 17-10.

Land Use (River & Lake Beds)

35 years


Direct Referral

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has requested that the Regional Council allow the applications to be ‘directly referred’ to the Environment Court.  The direct referral process is a streamlined procedure under the Resource Management Act 1991, which allows a requiring authority (such as Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency) to make a request to the Council that its notified applications be decided by the Environment Court, rather than the Regional Council.  The Regional Council granted Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s request for direct referral on 23 March 2020. 
If you decide to make a submission on the applications then you will be entitled to also be involved in the proceedings before the Environment Court as a section 274 party. However, while the Court will consider all submissions on the applications before it makes a decision, you will only be able to be heard by the Court if you file a section 274 party notice. A copy of the relevant form of the notice, Form 33 of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees and Procedure) Regulations 2003, will be available after close of submissions, on Horizons website.  Any section 274 party notice will be due with the Court 15 working days after receipt of the reports of Council officers (s87F reports) on the applications. Further timetabling information will be made available to submitters, including via the Horizons website, in due course. In the first instance, you need to lodge a submission with Horizons by 4.45pm on 24 April 2020.

All documents relating to the Direct Referral of this application to the Environment Court, including court correspondence, application documents and evidence, can be found on the Environment Court website:

Application can be viewed


Court Minute 20200513 Proposing Key Dates
s92 Additional Information Request
s92 Additional Information Response v01
s92 Response Appendix 1 [s92 Request] v01
s92 Response Appendix 10 [Natural Character Drawings] v01
s92 Response Appendix 2 [Aquatic Ecology Monitoring] v01
s92 Response Appendix 3 [Updated ECSMP] v01
s92 Response Appendix 4 [Baseline Freshwater Monitoring Plan] v01
s92 Response Appendix 5 [Baseline Freshwater Monitoring Results] v01
s92 Response Appendix 6 [Site Specific ECSP] v01
s92 Response Appendix 7 [Ammendments to Tech Asessment F] v02
s92 Response Appendix 8 [Raupo Wetland Memo] v01
s92 Response Appendix 9 [Dust Control Procedure] v01
Application, Vol 1. Consent Application Cover Letter v01
Application, Vol 1. AEE- Final Combined
Application, Vol 2. Design and Construction Report
Application, Vol 3. 0_TAT-3-DG-R_General-compressed
Application, Vol 3. 1_TAT-3-DG-R_Geometrics-compressed
Application, Vol 3. 2_TAT-3-DG-G_Geotechnical-compressed
Application, Vol 3. 3_TAT-3-DG-H_Stormwater-compressed
Application, Vol 3. 4_TAT-3-DG-S_Structures-compressed
Application, Vol 3. 5_TAT-3-DG-C_Temporary Works and Spoil Sites-compressed
Application, Vol 3. 7_TAT-3-DG-E_Ecology-compressed
Application, Vol 4. Air Quality - Technical Assessment E
Application, Vol 4. Erosion and Sediment Control- Technical Assessment A
Application, Vol 4. Hydrology Technical Assessment D
Application, Vol 4. Water Quality - Technical Assessment C
Application, Vol 4. Stormwater Management- Technical Assessment B
Application, Vol 5. Freshwater Ecology -Technical Assessment H
Application, Vol 5. Natural Character - Technical Assessment I
Application, Vol 5. Terrestrial Offset and Compensation-Technical Assessment G
Application, Vol 5. Terrestrial Ecology - Technical Assessment F
Application, Vol 6. Ngati Kahungunu ki Tamaki nui-a-Rua CIA 1 March 2020
Application, Vol 6. Ngati Raukawa CIA 4 March 2020 FINAL
Application, Vol 6. RoM CIA Final
Application, Vol 6. RoTnaR CIA Final
Application, Vol 6. Te Apiti Ahu Whenua Trust CIA
Application, Vol 7. ESCP
Application, Vol 7. EMP
Application, Vol 7. CEMP
Application, Vol 7. CSMP

In person

Unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19 the application and accompanying information may not be viewed in person.  We are also unable to print and send this application to those wishing to hold their own copy as given the volume of application documents this would require courier delivery.  All application documents may be downloaded from this page however, (see Application Documents above) or alternatively, an electronic copy of the application (USB) can be requested be sent via regular post by emailing

We understand this may be difficult for some, and apologise for the inconvenience.  Horizons Regional Council and NZ Transport Agency are committed to ensuring appropriate public participation in this process.


You can also request a copy of the application from the Consents Department of the Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Council via email


Public submissions can be received up until April 24, 2020 4:45 PM

  1. Details of the activity in respect of which you are making a submission, APP-2017201552.00
  2. Your full name, postal address, telephone number, and email address
  3. Whether you support or oppose the application
  4. Whether you wish to be heard in respect of the submission
  5. The reasons for making the submission, and the decision you wish the consent authority to make
  6. Be dated and signed by the person making the submission
  7. A copy of every submission must also be served on the applicant (Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency) and the Manawatū-Whanganui Regional Council at the addresses below:
Horizons Regional Council                                             
Private Bag 11025                                                               
Manawatū Mail Centre                                                       
Palmerston North 4440                                              

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
Te Ahu a Turanga Alliance                           
c/- Damien McGahan
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