Ohau River at Kimberley Reserve

Kimberley Reserve is a camping area and has plenty of grassy areas for families to enjoy a picnic and many popular swimming holes. Dogs are allowed off leash but must be under control at all times and kept away from swimmers/bush. Signage at the reserve provides more detailed information. Situated just 10 minutes from Levin the reserve is just off SH57, about 2km down Kimberley Road East. For more information about camping at Kimberley Reserve head to the Horowhenua District Council.

What is Horizons doing to improve the River?
Rivers have a range of things that need to be balanced to keep the water clean so its fish and plant life can survive and we can enjoy these special spots.

Horizons works to improve water quality by:
• Helping to fence off rivers and streams so stock do not get into water and contaminate it
• Helping rural land users to stop soil eroding from hills and into water
• Ensuring waste that has to go into water is properly treated to meet water quality standards
• Monitoring water that is taken out of the river so there is enough for everyone, including the fish

Our River's future
While you can enjoy the Ohau River this summer, work needs to be done to make sure future generations will be able to swim in it too. Horizons will do this by continuing to support work that reduces the sources of sediment and bacteria getting into the river.