Friend of the Submitter available for Proposed Plan Change 2

Horizons Regional Council has appointed Leigh Old as the Friend of the Submitter for the Proposed Plan Change 2 – Existing Intensive Farming Land Uses processes currently underway.

Horizons strategy and regulation group manager Dr Nic Peet says the role of the Friend of the Submitter is to help individuals and communities affected by the proposed One Plan changes to participate in the process.
“This is a new initiative for council, with the intent of breaking down barriers to making a submission on what can be a complex, formal and emotive process,” says Dr Peet.
“The plan change affects existing intensive land users (dairy, intensive sheep and beef, commercial vegetable growing, and cropping) in specific catchments. However, anyone with an interest can participate in the process by making a submission.
“The Friend will be focusing on assisting those who are unfamiliar with the process, how they can be involved, and what is needed to make a submission.”
Mrs Old says that as an independent advisor, her role does not include providing advice on people’s views about the proposals, or on the implications of the proposals for an individual, business, community or hapū.
“I am available to provide advice on the process for lodging submissions, how you might present your views in a submission, and what happens after a submission is lodged,” she says.
“It is anticipated this resource will be helpful to individual farmers or members of the community who wish to make their views known to the hearing panel but are unsure how to go about it or what is involved.”
Horizons proposed plan change seeks to provide a workable framework for intensive land use – allowing a pathway for existing farmers and growers in target catchments to apply for resource consent. It focuses on existing intensive farming land uses and includes the recalibration of Table 14.2 Cumulative Nitrogen Leaching Maximums (CNLM) with the most up to date version of Overseer.
Submissions should indicate whether they support or oppose all or some of the aspects of the plan change and include information to support their views.
Leigh is available for people to contact by email or on 0211690840 until 21 October 2019, when submissions are due.
She is also available to meet with individuals or groups face to face, by arrangement. With plans to have few drop-in sessions in the target catchments affected by Proposed Plan Change 2, in early October.
For PPC2 documentation please click here, or go to the online submission form.