Horizons consults with Whanganui on urban bus services

Consultation with the Whanganui public to assess whether the Horizons Regional Council urban bus services are meeting the needs of the community begins today.

Horizons transport manager Phillip Hindrup says the review is being undertaken ahead of the re-tender process due to occur in early 2018.
“Now is the perfect opportunity to ask the Whanganui community about how they find the current services. Whether people use the buses or not, we want to hear what they have to say,” says Mr Hindrup.
“Those who don’t catch a bus will likely have reasons. We’re keen to know what they are and consider how we can make public transport a more attractive option for them.
“We also want to hear from existing bus users to determine what’s working well and what could be improved.”
Mr Hindrup says surveys will be sent to all households in urban Whanganui, allowing people to send the council their feedback for free.
“Some of the questions we’re asking include are there enough bus stops, are services running at convenient times, and are there areas that are lacking in services.
“We really hope people provide their feedback so that we can ensure the service is meeting the needs of its ratepayers.”
The consultation period begins Monday 29 May and ends on Tuesday 7 July. To have your say fill in the survey arriving in letterboxes from 10 June, or complete it online at www.horizons.govt.nz.