Horizons to host science fair students for a day

Horizons Regional Council are rewarding three Palmerston North students with a one day, hands-on internship experience this Friday.

Elizabeth Woodhouse of Cornerstone Christian School, Jayde Rolfe of Carncot School, and Benjamin Irvine of Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School were recently part of the Manawatu Science and Technology Fair.
Special judge and Horizons natural resources and partnership manager Dr Jon Roygard was very pleased to present the three students with a highly commended award and the offer to join Horizons’ staff for a day.
Miss Woodhouse and Miss Rolfe both created projects around water quality, while Mr Irvine’s study focused on cycle safety.
“I was really impressed with the high quality projects that all three students presented at the Science and Technology Fair,” says Dr Roygard. 
“The internship day has been designed to give them the chance to extend and apply their project research in an applicable way. We hope the experience inspires them to explore environmental science as a career option in the future.”
Horizons environmental educator Helen Thomas has pulled together a comprehensive day of activities for the students.
“They will travel to various sites such as Tokomaru, Shannon, the Manawatu River floodgates and Burke’s pump station, where they will learn about and participate in activities including electrofishing, hydrology and freshwater, stream fencing and riparian planting, fish passes, flood protection, and road safety,” says Mrs Thomas.
“We want the students to ask the question of ‘so what?’, which will allow them to discover how science in action can inform communities and assist with policy making. We were inspired by the students, it’s our turn to inspire them.”