Horizons monitors work as part of wastewater upgrades

Horizons Regional Council is continuing to monitor the discharge from Horowhenua District Council’s Shannon wastewater treatment plant as the Council lowers its ponds to carry out necessary upgrade works.

The upgrades will allow for a new land-based irrigation system that will see over 80 percent of discharge from the wastewater treatment plant applied to land.

Horizons regulatory manager Greg Bevin says his team is well aware of the work being carried out by Horowhenua District Council and is in regular contact with their contractors to ensure they remain compliant. Site visits have been undertaken by Horizons staff since the work commenced at the start of month.

“In response to a complaint received via our pollution hotline Horizons staff visited the site over the weekend. Samples were collected and have been sent away for testing to ensure Horowhenua District Council is meeting the conditions of its consent,” Mr Bevin said.

“Sampling will be carried out on a weekly basis by Horowhenua District Council whilst the works are occurring.  This is above and beyond what is required in their resource consent.  Horizons will also continue to monitor the discharge regularly, with sampling due to occur this week.

“Based on information currently before Horizons, Horowhenua District Council is complying with the conditions of its resource consent,” he said. 

Horowhenua District Council is a signatory to the Manawatū River Leaders’ Accord. Work to move from point source to land-based discharge is one of its commitments to improving water quality in the catchment