Horizons prosecutes LA Landscapes and its director

Horizons Regional Council are pleased with Wellington District Court’s ruling against LA Landscapes and its director last Thursday.

The prosecution follows environmental pollution caused by a large rubbish fire undertaken by the company near Feilding in December last year.
Horizons strategy and regulation group manager Dr Nic Peets says Horizons takes its regulatory function seriously and will hold people to account when non-compliance occurs. 
“The Court noted there was a complete disregard by the defendants in relation to the conditions of consent and they held a complete lack of oversight of the operation,” says Dr Peet.
“Judge Dwyer commented that there was a commercial element to the offending and that people who are undertaking commercial activities should be aware of, and comply with, their environmental obligations. 
“The fire was large, burnt prohibited materials and discharged smoke beyond the property boundary.
“After taking into account an early guilty plea and previous history, Judge Dwyer imposed a $54,000 fine on LA Landscapes and its director. With a further enforcement order of $24,000 imposed for Council costs sought in relation to engaging expertise for site contamination investigation.
“We commend LA Landscapes for entering a guilty plea, which saves considerable time and cost to ratepayers.
“This case again emphasises the need for all resource users to ensure they comply with the relevant environmental regulations.
“Failure to comply with the resource management act can carry serious consequences.”