Horizons Regional Council continues to monitor river levels

Horizons Regional Council duty officers closed the Makino flood gates in Feilding at 10.30pm last night and, as water levels receded started gradually reopening them at around 12.20am Tuesday morning. 

Horizons River Management acting group manager Craig Grant says, “It was not necessary to activate the Mangaone spillway and Moutoa floodgates and our operational teams have been stood down, monitoring of the situation will continue throughout the day.
“With the Makino flood gates closed water was diverted down the spillway to the Kiwitea Stream.
“The Mangaone peaked just short of the spillway operating and is now receding.
“As a result of closing the floodgates, water was retained within the Makino channel and did not flow into Feilding township. However, Feilding did have localised surface flooding due to rain. The Makino is now receding.  
“Horizons staff will continue to monitor the situation as the Manawatū captured a significant amount of water. It is predicted to peak at Moutoa around 7pm tonight with the forecasted peak falling just short of a gate opening.
“Yesterday a weather front passed across the region and extended, as a frontal band, from Whanganui across to the east coast.
“It arrived earlier than predicted and stalled over our region, creating extensive surface flooding.
“Horizons staff were monitoring the situation with flood modelling raising concerns for the Makino, Mangaone and Manawatu streams and rivers.
“We notified landowners as a precautionary measure during daylight hours and activated our Emergency Operations Centre to respond to the event as necessary.