Horizons Regional Council notifies Proposed Plan Change 2

Horizons Regional Council has notified their Proposed Plan Change 2 (PPC2) today.

Horizons strategy and regulation group manager Dr Nic Peet says PPC2 addresses current issues within the One Plan’s nutrient management policy and rule framework.
“The proposed plan change seeks to provide a workable framework for intensive land use – allowing a pathway for existing farmers and growers in target catchments to apply for resource consent, and for the Council to see greater progress towards environmental improvement,” says Dr Peet.
“The proposed plan change is focused on existing intensive farming land uses and includes the recalibration of Table 14.2 Cumulative Nitrogen Leaching Maximums (CNLM) with the most up to date version of Overseer.
“The plan change affects existing intensive land users (dairy, intensive sheep and beef, commercial vegetable growing, and cropping) in specific catchments.
“However, anyone with an interest can participate in the process by making a submission. Submissions should indicate whether they support or oppose all or some of the aspects of the plan change and include information to support their views.
“Submissions must be received by 21 October 2019. Submitters will then have an opportunity to present their views or evidence to the panel of commissioners at a hearing.”
All PPC2 documentation, including submission forms, can be found across our website. Please click here.