Horowhenua District Council issued abatement notice for breach of landfill consent

On 27 June 2017, Horizons Regional Council issued Horowhenua District Council (HDC) with an abatement notice to cease causing objectionable odour beyond the boundary of the Levin landfill.

Horizons strategy and regulation group manager Dr Nic Peet says the notice requires HDC to comply with the condition of its resource consent with regard to odour. The notice was issued following monitoring and reports by both Horizons staff and members of the public.
“Between February and June this year we have received odour complaints and other information about odour from the Levin landfill,” says Dr Peet.
“We take these complaints and other information seriously, and our own odour monitoring has validated the public’s concerns. We have therefore issued HDC an abatement notice.”
Since issuing the abatement notice, Horizons has declined a request from HDC to cancel the notice. On 25 July HDC filed an appeal against the abatement notice in the Environment Court.
“While this issue is before the Court we won’t be commenting further, however in the meantime HDC is required to meet the conditions of its resource consent,” says Dr Peet.
“This includes not causing an objectionable odour beyond the landfill boundary.
“We are keen to minimise costs to the ratepayers and will continue to communicate with HDC while this regulatory issue is dealt with.”