Milson/Cloverlea bus reverts to less frequent times during peak hours

Horizons Regional Council’s Passenger Transport Committee has decided the Cloverlea/Milson urban bus service will return to running every 20 minutes during peak times from 1 October 2018.

Passenger Transport Committee chair Rachel Keedwell says the Cloverlea/Milson bus route was on a two year trial, which had six months to go.
“Of the six urban bus services operating in Palmerston North, the Cloverlea/Milson service was selected to trial enhanced peak frequencies on weekdays. This was to see if doubling the frequency of services to every 10 minutes during peak times would substantially increase patronage.
“The trial period has not quite finished but unfortunately while we have seen some growth, it has not been enough to justify the extra services.
“After analysing the passenger numbers and the cost of running the enhanced services, Council has resolved to drop the frequency back to 20 minutes during peak times and retain it at every 40 minutes during off peak. This will bring it back into line with all other Palmerston North urban bus services,” explains Cr Keedwell.
“The trial has answered our question of whether current peak frequencies are a major barrier to increased patronage – it appears the answer to that question is no.”
The last day for the current timetable is Friday 28 September, with the new timetable coming into effect on Monday 1 October 2018, and weekend services unaffected.
“As well as running less frequently, some of the peak and off peak services have changed direction so please check the new timetable carefully when catching a Milson/Cloverlea bus. We apologise in advance for any confusion this change may cause.”
Copies of the new ‘white cover’ timetable are available on board the buses, from the Palmerston North i-Site or online.
“While unfortunately this trial couldn’t continue, we are pleased that enhancements to the Fernlea/Heights, late nights and weekend trial services are going well and will continue,” says Cr Keedwell.