Proposed pyrolysis plant in Feilding to be publicly notified

Horizons Regional Council has decided to publicly notify a consent application for an air discharge related to a proposed pyrolysis plant in Feilding.

Horizons regulatory manager Greg Bevin says the application has been made by Bio Plant Manawatu NZ Ltd.
“The decision to publicly notify has been made in line with the requirements of the Resource Management Act,” says Mr Bevin.
“Members of the public will have an opportunity to submit on the proposed discharge via the notified process. A decision on the application will be made by a commissioner or a panel of commissioners.”

The decision will be formally notified on March 3rd. Details on the process and timeframes for submission will be provided on Horizons' website on this date.
Notices about the notification will be placed in local newspapers. Submissions will not open until the notification period commences and potential submitters should wait until the notification period begins. Details of the application will also be on the Horizons’ website as notification begins.

Horizons will not be commenting further on the application given a statutory process is underway.