Public encouraged to vote for their environment

Horizons Regional Council are encouraging the public to vote for Regional Council candidates in the upcoming Local Government elections, this October.

Electoral Officer Craig Grant says Local Government elections include Regional Council, local city and district councils, as well as District Health Boards.
“Horizons, as the regional council, are responsible for managing land, air and water resources for the Manawatū-Whanganui Region,” says Mr Grant.
“Our role includes applying policy and rules for the management of our natural resources as well as biodiversity enhancement and biosecurity control, planning of regional transport and contracting passenger services, management of water quality and quantity, mitigating the risk and impact of flooding, and planning for and responding to natural disasters.”
“Now is a crucial time for the state of our environment, and many people are becoming more passionate and aware of the decisions being made on its behalf.”
“This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and to vote for candidates to make decisions on yours and your community’s behalf,” says Mr Grant.
Voting papers are being delivered from 20-25 September, and include all the candidates for regional and city/district councils and the District Health Board. Completed forms must be received by noon on 12 October, so get them in the post by 5 October or drop them off to Horizons’ Palmerston North office at 11 Victoria Avenue.
“Preliminary results will be posted on Horizons’ website as they become available, later on election day. Final results will be available sometime between 19-25 October.”