River protection maintenance works at Manunui

Horizons Regional Council recently undertook the clearance of blackberry, poplars and willows along the Whanganui River near Rimu Street, Manunui, to help protect river banks from erosion.

Horizons senior engineering officer Jeremy Cumming says this clearance work will keep the river corridor open and mitigate the risk of poplars overturning and floating downstream.
“If left unchecked the result could adversely affect flood protection for Taumarunui,” says Mr Cumming.
“The area is now grassed, with some stumps of willows remaining. These have been coppiced, allowing for regrowth in spring.
“Recognising that this area is highly prized for fishing, and taking into consideration river views for neighbouring properties, planting of ancillary trees and providing cleared spots on the river edge are the next phase of this maintenance programme.
The work undertaken at Manunui is similar to what has recently been done at Cherry Grove, where the left bank had eroded about 10 metres since 2009.
Cherry Grove has now become a prized spot for locals, recently winning Horizons’ Spruce Up Your Swim Spot competition which will involve Horizons asking the community for suggestions on what improvements they’d like to see at the site before the next swimming season.