Staff keeping an eye on wet weather

Horizons Regional Council emergency management staff are on standby over the weekend with more wet weather forecast for the Region.

Horizons group manager river management Ramon Strong says while there is not expected to be a significant rise in river levels, staff will still be monitoring the situation.

“The dry conditions earlier in the month have limited the flooding impacts of the rain the Region has received over the past few weeks but the ground is now becoming saturated,” says Mr Strong.

“That, combined with the weather system that MetService advise is developing in the Tasman Sea and likely to move over the Region, is likely to result in an increase in river levels.

“At this stage we are expecting the Manawatu River at Teachers’ College to peak at approximately 4.2m Saturday evening. This won’t trigger opening the Moutoa floodgates but is likely to close the State Highway at Opiki.”

Mr Strong says the catchments that are likely to be affected are the Makino, Mangaone and streams in the southern Horowhenua.

“Horizons emergency management staff will keep in touch with district council staff over the weekend as required,” he says.

The Makino Stream at Reid’s Line is expected to reach 1.0m and Mangaone Stream at Milson Line 2.8m on Saturday evening. The Whanganui River at Pipiriki is expected to reach 7.1m, Whangaehu River at Kauangaroa 6.5m, Turakina River at O’Neill’s Bridge 5.3m and Rangitikei River at Mangaweka 5.2m on Sunday.

Up-to-date information on river heights and rainfall is available via Horizons 24 hour toll-free Waterline 0508 4 FLOOD or via our website here

Members of the public are advised to take care while driving and check the AA’s website, for information on any road closures.