Stopbank upgraded to improve flood defence

Horizons Regional Council is realigning and upgrading a section of stopbank on the Mangaone Stream to improve the flood defences in the area.

Horizons project engineer Andy Williams says while the current stopbank is currently fit for purpose as a defence for semi-rural land use, it doesn’t meet the needs of future land use of the area.

“The new stopbank will be built 20 metres further back from the stream to provide better integrity as a flood defence,” he says.

“This includes constructing the new stopbank in coordination with removing parts of the existing one to minimise risk to surrounding land if there was a flood event before the project was completed.”

Mr Williams says people walking along the Mangaone walkway at Pioneer Highway end will notice work underway on the opposite side of the stream.

“We’ve engaged local contractors Pratt Quarries Ltd to do the upgrade and expect it to be completed by the middle of May.

“The improved stopbank is particularly important for future urban development plans in the area. As Palmy City Council is looking to change land zoning to allow for housing this will require the same level of flood defence that’s provided by Horizons for the rest of the city.”

Palmy City Council city planning manager Jono Ferguson-pye says the stopbank upgrades come at a great time when the city is pressed to meet housing needs from within the current urban boundary.

“The Kikiwhenua residential area and broader Kākātangiata growth area on the west of the city will benefit greatly from the improved flood resilience and will allow our city to grow close to existing services, jobs, shops, and schools,” he says.

This work is part of one of Horizons’ climate resilience projects and jointly funded by Kānoa - Regional Economic Development and Investment Unit. In addition to building community resilience to severe weather events and climate change, these projects provide local employment and development opportunities. More information on these projects is available here