Wet weather to stick around

Wet weather across the Horizons Region has brought river levels up overnight but Horizons Regional Council is not expecting any significant flooding issues over the next few days.

Horizons group manager river management Ramon Strong says following a reasonable amount of rain in the past 12 hours, river levels across the Region are receding.

“However, the current rain is going to add to river levels so we may see them rise again through the morning,” says Mr Strong.

“We are not expecting significant flooding in the main river networks but there is a chance of localised surface flooding and overtopping of small streams.”

Mr Strong says currently there isn’t a heavy rain warning or rain watch in effect for the Region but there will be still be steady rain over the next three days.

“With that in mind we will continue to keep a close eye on river levels and provide further updates if necessary.” 

Up-to-date river heights and rainfall information is available here.