Te Pūwaha south mole works engagement

Works to repair and reinstate Whanganui’s South Mole are proposed to commence at the end of 2022. These works are joint funded by Horizons, Whanganui District Council and Kānoa - Regional Economic Development and Investment Unit.

This is part of the wider Te Pūwaha project to secure the Whanganui Port as a community asset for the next 50 years and beyond. In addition, the repairs to the South Mole, alongside those at the North Mole enable an operational port, as they define the river mouth and ensure a navigable depth is maintained for vessels, while also protecting essential port and city infrastructure from flooding.

Application for consent

As with all aspects of Te Pūwaha, the consenting process for the South Mole is to be open and inclusive, where our communities are informed and engaged. We have designed a community led approach which upholds Tupua te Kawa and celebrates the deep connection between our community and Te Awa Tupua.

Application for consent for works on the South Mole will be submitted in May of this year so that we can undertake works in the summer months of 2022/23 - when sea conditions are at their most favourable for construction. 

Planned activities at the South Mole

Activities under the works will include:

  • Carting and stockpiling rock to the clear dune area on the South Beach access track.
  • Carting rock down the beach to the South Mole.
  • The reinstatement of the Tanae Groyne, at a length of 50 metres from the south spit river bank.
  • Strengthening and reinstatement of the South Mole using large armour rock placed by an excavator.
  • Increasing the height of the mole at low points and essentially filling the gaps. 

While simply repairing the structures is necessary, we are focused on the long term and holistic environmental enhancement of the South Mole, Whanganui river mouth and surrounding area. This will include comprehensive rehabilitation of the dune system where we impact on it. We will work with iwi and community stakeholders to determine potential future environmental enhancements in this important coastal environment.

Achieving abundance and providing feedback

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on how we can achieve abundance outcomes in the area. For example, we are currently investigating how we can improve shellfish habitats, provide additional habitat for marine life on the coastal and estuarine margins and opportunities for iwi and the community to better connect to this part of the coast.

If you would like to provide your feedback, please complete our South Mole Works feedback form and send it to dougal.ross@horizons.govt.nz by 14 April 2022. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact members of Te Mata Pūau directly. 

Kahurangi Simon - 027 715 7003
Jenny  Tamakehu - ke4657@gmail.com
Chris Shenton - 027 555 4992
Naani Waitai - 027 417 3888
Gavin Brooks - gavin.kahuiwhenua@gmail.com

South Mole works feedback form

Keep up to date

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