Overall Plan Hearing

The following documents are the evidence presented by Horizons to the One Plan Overall Plan Hearing.

Horizons Regional Council Officers' Reports

Planning Evidence and Recommendation report by Helen Marr
Section 42A report by John Maassen
Section 42A report by Andrea Bell
Section 42A report by Phillip Percy
Section 42A report by Bettina Anderson
One Plan consultation process timeline (Figure One to Bettina Andersons report)

Supporting documentation appendix to Bettina Andersons S42A report (Available on CD if requested)

Additional Material Presented at Hearing

Officer's opening comments - 1 July 2008
Amendments to Planning Evidence and Recommendations report by Helen Marr 4 June 2008
Supplementary S42A Report by John Maassen 4th July 2008
Supplementary Evidence of Phillip Percy 1 July 2008
Addendum to S42A report of Bettina Anderson 1 July 2008