The rules in this Plan are arranged in tables. Each table has five columns. After each table of rules, a “rule guide” may be included to explain how activities which are not included in the table, or which fail to comply with the provisions of a particular rule, are classified.

Rule Activity Classification Conditions/Standards/Terms Control/Discretion, Non-Notification
This column contains the rule number and rule title. This column describes the activity or activities covered by the rule. This column contains the classification of the activity - ie., permitted, controlled, restricted discretionary, discretionary, noncomplying or prohibited. This column contains conditions, standards and terms for permitted activities, controlled activities and restricted discretionary activities. The conditions, standards and terms are ongoing requirements that must be met for as long as the activity is undertaken. Failure to comply with these conditions, standards and terms amounts to a breach of the rule. This column is relevant only for controlled activities and restricted discretionary activities. For controlled activities, this column contains the matters over which the Regional Council has reserved its control. For restricted discretionary activities, it contains the matters to which the Regional Council has restricted the exercise of its discretion.
This column also includes any statements about non notification. The Regional Council is not obliged to make statements about non notification: the Regional Council can simply choose to rely on the provisions of the RMA which describe when public notification is, or is not, required.