Rule Activity Classification Conditions/Standards/Terms Control/Discretion Non-Notification
14-12 Discharges^ of water^ to water^ The discharge^ of water^ into water^ pursuant to s15(1) RMA (excluding drainage water^ which is regulated by Rules 16-10 and 16-11 and the discharge^ of water^ into water^ that is part of the normal operation* of a dam which is regulated by Rule 17-7 or Rule 17-8). Permitted
  1. The discharge^ must not cause or exacerbate the flooding of any neighbouring property*.
  2. The discharge^ must not cause any scouring or erosion of any land^ or bed^ of a water body^ beyond the point of discharge^.
  3. The discharge^ must not alter the natural course of any water body^.
  4. The discharge^ must not be to any rare habitat*, threatened habitat* or at-risk habitat* (discharges^ into at-risk habitats* are discretionary activities^ under Rule 13-8 and into rare habitats* or threatened habitats* are non-complying activities under Rule 13- 9).
  5. The discharge^ must not, after reasonable mixing*, change the natural temperature of the receiving water^ by more than the maximum temperature or temperature change specified by the water quality standards for the Water Management Sub-zone* listed in Schedule E.

Rule Guide:
Activities that do not comply - Discharges of water pursuant to s15(1) RMA that do not comply with the permitted activity rule above are a discretionary activity under Rule 14-30.