Environmental Education

Environmental education is about increasing knowledge and awareness of the environment and some of its associated challenges. It aims to help develop the necessary skills to address these issues, make informed decisions and take responsible action for the benefit of our Region.

We encourage people to enjoy our beautiful Region, but to do so with a respect and understanding that it is a precious resource. Environmental education is about understanding, knowledge, attitude and participation.

​Manawatu Film Competition - Taking Action in Reducing Waste 2017

If you are entering the film competition, you can download the entry form and flyer below which has all the information you will need.  The entry form contains all the terms and conditions for entry.
Please note, unfortunately this competition is only open to schools and early childhood centres in the Manawatu District (excluding Palmerston North City).

Film competition information poster


Film competition entry form with T+C's


Meet Sarah

We offer a variety of environmental education programmes and our environmental educator, Sarah Galley, is skilled and knowledgeable in many different areas.

Sarah is available to speak at schools, provide advice and information to teachers, present to community groups and run tailored workshops on environmental issues. If you are interested in booking a time with Sarah, please contact us.

To learn more about the environmental education programmes on offer, please see the factsheets below. 

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Contact us to subscribe or to showcase your school, event or story with the environmental education world.



A key tool in our environmental education toolbox is the Enviroschools Programme. Enviroschools offers a process for students to develop a connection with the environment and make educated decisions.

Kura Kaitiaki: Water Conservation


Our water conservation resource aims to raise awareness about our fresh water as a finite resource and a precious taonga. It explores the issues associated with using tap water and covers the concepts of water conservation. This is a must have resource for teachers keen to explore water.

What's the Plan Stan?


This resource is developed by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management for teaching in schools. We can also support further learning through environmental educator or our skilled emergency management officers. Check out this page to help be prepared.



Our Waiora programme is a hands on journey into our Region’s many water sources and their impact on our lives. With a Teachers' Guide on hand, and a facilitated stream study available, this is a popular programme in our summer months.

River Journey


River Journey follows a stream from its source to the sea. It aims to explain to students what pollution is, how a river gets polluted and asks questions as to what we can do to make it healthy again. 

Other providers and links


There are many environmental education providers operating in our Region, as well as other organisations and groups you may find interesting or helpful. Here is a list of who we know about, but it isn't exhaustive. If you know of others you'd like to see included, please get in touch.

Funding and fundraising ideas


We all know that sometimes it is a struggle to find the funds to get projects off the ground and keep up the momentum. There are plenty of options and opportunities out there so we've compiled a list to help you get started.

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