Sustainable Land Use Initiative (SLUI)

The Sustainable Land Use Initiative (SLUI) is a 'mountains to the sea' approach to the accelerated erosion problem in our highly erodible hill country.

Approximately 1,600,000 hectares of our Region is classified as hill country, and Horizons has identified around 200,000 hectares that have potential for moderate to severe erosion.

SLUI will not only protect and conserve our valuable hill country soil resources, but also address water quality issues and improve downstream flood protection.

A variety of tools have been identified as necessary for successful performance of SLUI but the development of Whole Farm Plans with individual farmers is a key component.

SLUI Whole Farm Plans include environmental and business assessments as both these elements go hand in hand in the search for sustainability.

Every tailormade plan provides essential information about the specific farm's resources.

A Whole Farm Plan is a tool developed specifically for SLUI that identifies on-farm opportunities for sustainable resource management and sustained business growth.

Everyone in Horizons' region benefits from SLUI either through increased flood protection, better water quality, or protection of hill country and native habitats, so Horizons has generated funding through a Uniform Annual Charge to all ratepayers to help pay for the project.

Horizons has also applied to central government to help fund the project.

For more detailed information on SLUI have a look at our SLUI publications or contact us.