District Advice

Horizons’ district advice coordinator provides natural hazards information to the public and territorial authorities in our region. The most common advice sought is around the risk of flooding and this information is used to guide development in areas that may be at risk.

The Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) is an independent government body which regulates the real estate agent sector in New Zealand. The REAA website includes information on what you need to know when buying or selling property.

Information requests

Our district advice coordinator can provide useful information such as:

  • Hazard information and flood history to inform sale or purchase of property;
  • Whether a property was recorded as being affected by previous flood events;
  • Advice on flood inundation levels when building a new dwelling or extension (this may be required by a city or district council as information for a building consent); and
  • Facts for insurance purposes.
This is a free service and can be made via our freephone number 0508 800 800 or by email. Please provide as much property information in addition to the postal address so the exact property can be located (legal description or valuation numbers are very useful). For further information about flood hazards in the Region please see the factsheet below.

Flood Hazards and the One Plan


District Advice and the One Plan

Horizons’ One Plan aims to discourage houses, businesses, community facilities and infrastructure being in locations that are likely to be inundated during a 1 in 200 year flood event.

However, as the One Plan only contains flood hazard policies, not rules, our role is to provide city and district councils, as building consent authorities, with useful data to help with decision making around plan changes and subdivision development. This includes flood hazard information and floor level recommendations.

The final decision on any subdivision or building consent application lies with those councils. In cases where flood hazards can’t be avoided, we work with city and district councils to consider flood mitigation measures. We also provide advice on any resource consents that may be required from us.


If you own a dam or canal, or are planning to construct, modify or remove a dam, canal or structure associated with a dam, you will need to consider whether you need a consent. Horizons is responsible for dam activities within the Region and our district advice coordinator is available to assist with consent applications.  For more information on this service please see the factsheet below.

Lodge a request


This document will tell you all you need to know about lodging a request for hazard information in regards to a property. 

Dam factsheet


Before undertaking any work to do with a dam or canal please read this factsheet.