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Please expect delays as District Advice staff capacity has dramatically reduced due to circumstances outside our control. 

Many property-related questions can be answered by accessing information from our online maps. We recommend checking these out before making a request. 

Tips for completing the online form:

1.       Search by property address or valuation number (e.g. 11 Victoria Avenue or 12345 678 00). 

2.       Exclude the town/city in the search field as the database searches by district.

3.       For rural addresses without road numbers, enter the property by valuation number (remember to tick the valuation number box on the form).

4.       Find property details and valuation numbers via the District Advice map in our online map gallery. Search for the property by street address, title, or valuation number, or navigate the map manually. You can also find property information via our online Rates Search tool.

* NOTE: District Advice property information requests are not a substitute for Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports that are issued by district and city councils.

For more information about the Horizons District Advice Service, click here

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