Elections 2016

Local Government elections are being held this year.
Watch our promotional video below, and read this page for more information about your Horizons candidates.

Election Results & Expense Forms

Election Results
Expenses and Donations Declaration Forms

Your Candidates

Below you'll find the candidate list, candidate contact information document and the candidate profile statements.

Horizons' Candidates
Candidate's Contact Information
Manawatu-Rangitikei Candidate Profile Statements
Horowhenua-Kairanga Candidate Profile Statements
Tararua Candidate Profile Statements
Palmerston North Candidate Profile Statements
Wanganui Candidate Profile Statements
Ruapehu Candidate Profile Statements

Horizons Regional Council consists of six constituencies - click here, with 12 members elected as follows:


elected representatives





Palmerston North









Candidate Information Downloads

Horizons' Candidate Information Booklet
LGNZ's Candidate Information Booklet
Pre Election Report
Information for Candidates from the Controller and Auditor-General
2016 Electoral Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I vote?

This is your chance to say who you want to represent you when decisions are made for our region over the next three years.  The people who are elected to Council will make many decisions on your behalf.  They will set Horizons’ rates and decide how the community’s money should be spent to achieve a sustainable region.

Pre Election Report

The Chief Executive is required under Sec 99A of the Local Governmnet Act 2002 to produce a Pre-Election Report for Council for any year in which local body elections are to be held.  This Report is available here.

The Report contains information for the community and prospective candidates in the election process, and brings together information previously published in Horizons’ Long-term Plan, Annual Plans, Annual Reports and associated summaries.  This information is intended to promote public discussion about the issues facing Council, and thus enable a better informed election debate.

Want to know more?

For further information regarding these elections, please contact the Electoral Officer (Craig Grant) or Deputy Electoral Officer (Kay Booth) on 0508 800 800, or email elections@horizons.govt.nz.

Historical Expense Forms

2013 Election Expense Forms