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Section 36

Why isn’t Section 36 also being charged to my neighbour?

If you believe that your neighbour should also be liable for this charge, please provide full details to our Customer Services team on 0508 800 800 and we will investigate this matter.

Property & Rates

Why is my invoice two pages?

The purpose of the two page invoice is to give you more information about what services and benefits that you receive for your rates.  In the past you have received very little basic information and there have been complaints about this, so the two page invoice is in direct response to requests for more information.

Property & Rates

Why is Horizons' General Rate based on Capital Value?

General rates of regional councils may be made on either a land value or capital value basis.  We were directed to use the capital value system by the Local Government (Manawatu-Wanganui Region) Reorganisation Order 1989, which established the Council.  The Local Government Commission considered the different rating systems during the process of forming the Reorganisation Order and their decision was for the capital system.

Other Councils in our area:
Palmerston North City Council Capital Value
Manawatu District Council Capital Value
Rangitikei District Council Capital Value
Wanganui District Council Land Value
Horowhenua District Council Land Value
Tararua District Council Land Value
Ruapehu District Council Land Value


Property & Rates

Why haven't I received the discount when I paid my rates on/before the due date?

Unfortunately our new rates software system won’t allocate a discount if payment is not exactly as requested on the notice (i.e. $0.01 or $0.01cr) and must be made by due date.  Rates staff will need to manually reapply the discount, please call our Customer Services team on freeph 0508 800 800

Property & Rates

Why haven't I received a rates bill?

If you have recently bought or sold the property the required details may not have been forwarded to Horizons.  If you have changed your postal address and forgotten to tell us please do so.  We will then issue you with a copy or a new rates notice.

Property & Rates

Why have I received separate invoices for each of my properties?

Due to your properties being rated individually you receive separate invoices to reflect the different rates for each property. However, customers with more than 5 invoices can be added to a schedule which means you will receive only receive one rates account.  Therefore only one payment needs to be made for all. If you would like to know more please call our Customer Services team toll free on 0508 800 800.

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