Rates Search

Welcome to the Horizons Regional Council Rating Information Database. To view rating details for a property, enter either the property address or the valuation number and press the 'Search' button.

You will see two columns - the first is your current rates information, and the second is what your rates would look like for 2020-21 should council choose to adopt their proposed Annual Plan

It is important to note that the one per cent average rate increase proposed in the Plan does not mean the same increase for everyone. This is because parts of our region, such as Whanganui, Horowhenua and ManawatÅ«, have recently had changes in property valuations. It is also important to note that other areas in our region may see a negative rates increase for this very same reason. Targeted rates for activities such as river management schemes and passenger transport services also means your rates bill may differ to your neighbour’s or your neighbouring districts. 

1. If the property is a cross-lease, search using the valuation number
2. Do not use special characters including commas in your search