Policy 8-6: Water^ quality

For the purposes of maintaining or enhancing water^ quality, the CMA is divided into a Seawater Management Zone* and various Estuary Water Management Sub-zones* which are described in Schedule I: Part C and shown in Part A. Water^ in the CMA must be managed in a way which:
  1. has regard to the Values and water^ quality targets for the Seawater Management Zone* and Estuary Water Management Sub-zones*, as set out in Schedule I: Part C
  2. applies Policies 5-3 (ongoing compliance where water^ quality targets are met), 5-4 (enhancement where water^ quality targets are not met), 5-9 (point source discharges^ to water^) and 5-11 (human sewage discharges^) to the CMA as if any reference to water^ in those policies is a reference to water^ in the CMA.