WaterMatters Overview

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Horizons’ WaterMatters project is a web-based information system for individual consent holders and those organisations in the region interested in water management. It allows individual consent holders to monitor their water use from their computer at home, and it allows whole water management zone monitoring against predetermined water allocation limits.

In the future, this sort of system will allow more flexibility for land owners who might wish to trade water and will also allow Horizons to make water available to other parties where allocated volumes are not being used.

Please note: If you have had a consent renewal in the last 12 months please use your old consent number to search for your water use records, we are currently updating our system to process the new consent numbers. 

How does it work?

Water use data from telemetered systems is summarised once a day and updated after midnight to show the amount of water used in a management zone and the whole catchment.

Visitors to our site can view general water use information, while registered members (consent holders only) can log in to view more specific water use information.

The website also displays where flow restrictions are occurring and how actual water use compares to the amount of water consented.

Consent holders are encouraged to check the data on the website regularly during low flows as the flow may suddenly drop or increase, sometimes to below consented minimum flows. This is because as very low flows occur, a river’s channel and flow behaviour can change and needs to be monitored by Horizons staff manually in order to get the most accurate and up to date readings for customers.

What can registered members access?

Consent holders who return water use data to Horizons by telemetry can obtain a login to view the water use information from their consent. WaterMatters has 5 sections:

  • Restriction alert – shows where in the region minimum flow restrictions are in effect.
  • Catchment totals – shows the total allocation and actual water use (telemetered) in each catchment
  • Management zone totals - shows the total allocation and actual water use (telemetered) in each water management zone and sub-zone
  • My meter – summarises the river flow information in relation to minimum flow restrictions for your relevant site and states whether, based on this information, you are able to take water today or not.
  • My water use – shows a graph of your last 7 days of water use in relation to your consented limits. 

You can use this information to monitor your own water use and compliance with your consent conditions.

A longer-term record of your water use (i.e. > 7days) is available by emailing a request to waterinfo@horizons.govt.nz

What can everyone access?

The Restriction alert, Catchment Totals and Management zone totals pages are available to everyone.

 The “My meter” and “My water use” pages are available only to registered users.