Policy 3-8: Waste* policy hierarchy

Wastes*, including solid, liquid, gas and sludge waste*, must be managed in accordance with the following hierarchy:
  1. reducing the amount of waste* produced
  2. reusing waste*
  3. recycling waste*
  4. recovering resources from waste*
  5. appropriately disposing of residual wastes*

Policy 3-9: Consent information requirements - waste* policy hierarchy and hazardous substances*

Where a proposal has the potential to give rise to significant adverse effects^ on the receiving environment^, an assessment must be required, as part of the consent information requirements for all discharges^ to air, land^, water^ and the coastal marine area^, of:
  1. reduction, reuse, recycle and recovery options for the discharge^ in accordance with Policy 3-8, and
  2. any hazardous substances* that may be present in the discharge^, and alternatives to those hazardous substances*.

Policy 3-10: Cleanfills*, composting* and other waste* reduction activities

Waste* reduction activities will be encouraged, in particular by generally allowing cleanfills* and composting* activities.

Policy 3-11: Landfill* management

Landfills* must generally be designed, constructed, managed, operated, remediated and monitored in line with appropriate guidelines and national environmental standards^. Taking into account the applicability of these guidelines and standards in relation to the type and scale of activity proposed, the following guidelines may be considered appropriate:
  1. Centre for Advanced Engineering, Landfill Guidelines, April 2000
  2. Ministry for the Environment, Module 1: Hazardous Waste Guidelines - Identification and Record Keeping, June 2002, ME637
  3. Ministry for the Environment, Module 2: Hazardous Waste Guidelines. Landfill Waste Acceptance Criteria and Landfill Classification, May 2004, ME510
  4. Ministry for the Environment, A Guide to the Management of Cleanfills, January 2002, ME418
  5. Ministry for the Environment, A Guide to the Management of Closing and Closed Landfills in New Zealand, May 2001, ME390
  6. Ministry for the Environment, Guide to Landfill Conditions, May 2001, ME389
  7. Ministry for the Environment, Good Practice Guide for Assessing and Managing the Environmental Effects of Dust Emissions, September 2001
  8. Landfill gas collection and destruction or reuse in accordance with the Resource Management (National Environmental Standards Relating to Certain Air Pollutants, Dioxins and Other Toxics) Regulations 2004.