Preventing freshwater weed invasions

Help - it's what our rivers and lakes need most

Our Region has some unique and wonderful rivers and lakes. Join the move to protect these pristine environments by adopting the simple CHECK, CLEAN, DRY actions when you move between waterways.

Our Region has been forged by rivers, and along with our lakes they are sources of food and enjoyment for many of us. By checking for pest weeds and pest animals, and cleaning your gear or drying it thoroughly, you will be protecting our waterways. 

From the mountainous rivers of the central plateau to the streams draining our lowlands there are many habitats and species at risk from invasion by didymo and other freshwater pests. Not only that, weeds really stop us enjoying these places to their potential - so please consider the effect of your actions next time you're out in the water.



This summer 2015/16, look out for the Horizons CHECK, CLEAN, DRY crew at a river or lake near you!

Unfortunately we have several freshwater pests already causing problems in our region. By following the simple steps of CHECK, CLEAN, DRY we can stop the spread of these pests and also prevent even worse ones, like didymo, establishing in the North Island.

This summer, look out for the Horizons CHECK, CLEAN, DRY Crew at a river or lake near you. The crew will be spending time all over the Horizons Region spreading the CHECK, CLEAN, DRY message. The CCD Crew will be passing on knowledge and gear to users of our wonderful waterways to ensure freshwater pests don't spread throughout the Region.

The CCD Crew are also available to come and talk to groups, set up displays at your event or to support cleaning stations for sporting events in and around freshwater spots in our Region. If you would like to arrange a visit from the crew or some professional development for your staff to deliver effective freshwater/CHECK, CLEAN, DRY advocacy, then contact

You too can become an advocate for protecting our freshwater resources by joining Team CHECK, CLEAN, DRY. Ask one of the crew members to sign up to the CHECK, CLEAN, DRY Pledge to join the team this summer. 

For the best cleaning methods for your gear and the latest information to prevent freshwater pests spreading check the link: