River & Drainage Schemes

The river management team at Horizons is responsible for maintaining the river and drainage systems in the region to minimise erosion and ensure optimum flood protection for our communities. With many urban communities located on flood plains, it is important to have an appropriate standard of flood risk mitigation for the safety of the community. The protection of the flood plains is also important for protecting productive land, which is important to the economic goals of the immediately affected areas as well as the wider region.

Flood protection is funded through general and Scheme rates based on the amount of protection benefit each ratepayer receives. Horizons currently manages 34 River and Drainage Schemes across our region, maintains over 490 km of stopbanks, 1090 km of drains, 23 pumping stations and 53 dams.


As previously advised to those with an interest in the Horizons annual River Management scheme meetings, although some meetings took place in March, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the cancellation of the remaining meetings scheduled for April. We had hoped to place the presentations intended to be delivered at those meetings on our website however the Level 4 lockdown has reduced our ability to do that, with resources diverted to our ECC operation as part of the national state of emergency.

Council is also re-examining next year’s budget in light of COVID-19, some of the financial information relating to the 2021 financial year originally included in those presentations is likely to change. We are intending to email all of those who have registered an interest in those meetings with an update on when we will be able to provide copies of those presentations. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Scheme map


2020 Scheme Liaison Committee Meetings


Stopbank grazing guidelines


Moutoa flood gates